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Weatherproof and Large Bird Proof Feeder

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 2:26 pm    Post subject: Weatherproof and Large Bird Proof Feeder Reply with quote

I thought I would share with you details of the type of feeder with weatherproofing/large bird deterrent I have had in my garden for a while now as it may give some of you an idea for your own garden. Sorry it is a bit of an essay but I hope it is of use to some of you.

Firstly I was fed up with seed etc becoming wet, especially suet pellets which when wet became like toothpaste in the feeder! Secondly I have quite a lot of Starlings in my area and they were totally crowding out the smaller birds and very quickly emptying my feeders.

I looked on the internet for some kind of mesh/wire which I could then house a feeder in and I came across the following panels which are perfect for keeping out Starlings (though on a very rare occasion I have had a persistent young Starling make its way through), the size of the panel also means that when made into a square there is quite a space between the feeder and the side of the panel so Starlings even when they are sticking their heads through their long beaks cannot reach the feeder :

The next item I sourced was a feeder and I liked the look of the following as I could provide a varied mixture of feed in a small space housed in the mesh. One thing to be aware of though if you might consider buying one of these feeders is the following. I have over a period purchased more than one of these feeders and some are better build quality than others, the better ones have all 3 feeding tubes fixed to the base and the central threaded rod is fully adjustable up and down and the lid fits perfectly. The not so good ones have the seed tube only pushed onto the base and does seem a bit wobbly and the threaded rod is fixed solid (you will see later why this was an issue for me) and the lids do not match up very well with the tubes. The following link is just one seller of many offering this feeder, it is really pot luck if you get one of the better ones or not (you could always perhaps message the seller first and ask them to inspect the feeder) :

Now on to the weatherproof issue, I wanted to have something over the top of the feeder which was large enough to keep the rain off but still let light through. Whilst going through the process of making this feeder I did take note of how rain tends to fall at an angle in average wind conditions and for a cover to be effective a larger disc than you may imagine is needed and I sourced the following in the 600mm x 4mm option :

You will see from the picture that I have mounted the cube on a bird table and the wooden squares underneath the feeder are screwed to the table and they fix the cube in place. The wooden squares make the top of the feeder lid level with the top of the mesh panel. The perspex disc is then placed on top (I asked the ebay seller to drill a hole for me which they gladly did free of charge) and the threaded rod of the feeder sticks out the top and then the feeder cap is screwed on to the rod and holds the disc and feeder lid in place. As mentioned earlier, the issue with the feeders made with a fixed solid threaded rod is that there is not enough of the rod sticking out from the top of the disc when it is placed on top (because of the extra 4mm) and the cap will not fix on to the rod, the ones with the fully adjustable rod are able to be unscrewed so that it is still screwed into the base and the extra bit is sticking out the top (hope that made sense!)

For my design the feeder needs to be fixed solidly to the wood, this is easily done by drilling 3 small holes periodically on the round base of the feeder and then screwing it down on to the wood.

I can honestly say I am really pleased with how the feeder performs. There was an initial reluctance by the birds to going under the disc but once they found out it was safe they are very happy! The disc keeps everything dry, and also the birds love having somewhere dry whilst feeding.

Thanks for reading!! Very Happy

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Joined: 08 May 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Genius Applause
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Joined: 03 Mar 2013
Posts: 251
Location: Leicestershire

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 5:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Sue! Very Happy

I really can't stress enough how great this works at keeping the feed dry, when I think back to how I used to have to de-gunk my feeders it is certainly a job I don't miss! Very Happy
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