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Trying To Cater For All!!

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Joined: 01 May 2015
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PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2015 10:12 am    Post subject: Trying To Cater For All!! Reply with quote

Hi all

I am new to the site and have been reading all posts over the past few weeks to try and sort out the massive feral pigeon issue that I was having, however am delighted to say that the problem has now been sorted - yippee Smile
The pigeons were sitting on our roof all day and then eating absolutely everything, including the seed from my hanging seed feeders. They were also bullying all the smaller birds and my precious sparrows.

I ended up placing large garden wire around the feeders, which was very quick, easy and inexpensive and although they still come and peck for scraps on the ground, I am no longer seeing the 8 of them dominating the feeding area.

I do seem to have gained a swarm of starlings now instead though! I don't mind too much and provide ground feeders and lots of fat/suet items which they love, but they have the eyes of an eagle so trying to slip a couple of tasty mealworms to the blackbird has now become impossible!

I invested in a caged feeder, as shown below which was kindly suggested by some of you on this site and it arrived yesterday. I wanted something to use to provide some live food, especially as I have (for the first time) some nesting blue tits.
It was hysterical to watch as I initially popped it onto the grass to gauge any interest, with some tasty wriggles inside and within 2 minutes, the robin had figured out how to get inside and very politely took a worm, exited and then repeated.
Within 4 minutes, the starlings had also gained access (so much for being starling proof!) and were greedily gobbling as many as they could possibly fit into their beaks!!

I used some more garden wire to block off the entrance holes a little, which the robin found a bit distressing as he could get inside, but struggled to get out again. He did persevere though bless him.
Last night, we mounted the caged feeder onto the frame of my main feeding structure, securing twigs through the cage underneath the access points, so the birds had somewhere to perch and can now see where to get in and out.
The robin seems much happier now, but will only come once the noisy, boisterous starlings have disappeared. And the blue tits seems completely uninterested (don't know why I bother!!) Smile

Does anyone else find it rather stressful trying to sort out the birds so they all have a fair share Smile I am hydrating dried mealworms for the ground feeders (along with seed and sultanas)to distract the starlings but the only one not getting much is the blackbirds, but they seem content to peak away at the ground feeders and the worms in the garden.

Here is a picture of the new caged feeder:

Lisa x

44.98 KB, Viewed 153 Time(s)

44.98 KB, Viewed 146 Time(s)

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Joined: 15 Mar 2013
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:06 pm    Post subject: Fort Knox for pesky Starlings! Reply with quote


I have read your post with interest and understand your frustration. We are inundated with Starlings pinching all our live food so we had to do something before we were made bankrupt!.
This nut feeder which I have modified myself has been worth every penny, not one Starling has been able to penetrate it despite many attempts!

The feeder has criss- cross steel tubes which only allow the smaller birds in. I took out the cylinder feeder part which unclips and leaves a small metal knob on the bottom plate. I needed to have a small container on the plate to hold the worms but the knob was unremovable. So I found a small poly cup from an indian takeaway and cut a small cross with a knife in the bottom. I then put a little bit of Bostick glue around the base and pressed the cup over the knob to hold it steady. After pressing hard for 10 seconds the cup held and once dry I was able to place a little bit of protective paper in the bottom before placing the worms in. The fact that the cup is taller than your feeder cup looks prevents them getting their necks in and down into the cup. They cannot swing on it very well either and will not even put their necks through !The distance from the cup to the edge is greater than them so it really is a problem for them. All I do now is sprinkle some dried mealworms on the grass so they get something.

This has been such a success that it was worth the money. It is very substantial and attractive but most importantly does the job!
At the end of the season I can remove the cup and replace the cylinder to use as a nut feeder then revert back to the modification for the breeding season of 2016.

Regards Very Happy

Meal Feeder One (500x375).jpg
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Meal Feeder Two (500x375).jpg
143.2 KB, Viewed 164 Time(s)

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Bird Fan

Joined: 01 May 2015
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, that looks amazing! Maybe you should be making and selling these, I think they would be very popular
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